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    Advertise on Websaye

     ONLY a member is permitted to advertise their products and services or event using Websaye platform. 

    There is a provision to advertise for one month or multiple months as per the choice of the member. Advertise (PAID) for 5 months and you get one month Advertising FREE*

    He / she can target the location of the Ad on WEBSAYE, so the Ad will be visible on a particular page plus we digitally promote it in the area of your choice through our WORK FROM HOME TEAM and CALL CENTERS associated with us.

    Ex. If DOCTOR's ASSOCIATION opens an account on WEBSAYE, Pharma Companies can ADVERTISE their products and advantages of the medicine through a write up or a Video saving the time of the Doctors to view the Video and AD in their free time. The Medical Representative has his own role to play. The doctors can even place online orders to the Pharma Company directly, if the PHARMA company has an account on Websaye with a catalog of different medicines.

    There is an ONLINE ordering system on WEBSAYE and a SPAM and JUNK MAIL FREE MAIL BOX for easy communication among Doctors and with the Pharma Company.

    SIMILARLY, Jewellery shops, Ready made Garment shops, Plumbing Hardware stores, Electrical Lighting stores, Mega Stores, Service providers etc. can also Advertise their products easily. 

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