Blood Needed in Emergency, You, can save a LIFE!!!                                                                               DONATE BLOOD, ORGAN, TISSUE 

    TRUSTS, NGOs and Public help is welcome to save life of economically effected people.

    You can save someone’s life by selection of blood donation option while creating your BLOOD profile on www.websaye.com from your account !! It will be your option to donate or not to donate BLOOD. But if you do wish to save a life in an emergency, just enter your correct Blood Group in your profile.

    During BLOOD donation CAMPS, the BLOOD BANKS can contact you, if you have a Blood Profile registered. Your contribution can save a life.

    Blood Banks, Hospitals, Doctors and patients can contact the blood doners by selecting the BLOOD GROUP they need urgently.

    If you are available to donate your BLOOD, PLEASE DONATE !! You can save a life !!


    SIMPLE USE: All you have to do is select (Tick mark) the option to donate BLOOD or unselect it if you don't want to donate your blood.  


    You may receive a call to donate blood in case of emergency case in nearby hospital.  Only those will call, with whome your blood group matches.

    By saving a life, you are doing a very noble deed, which will  always be appreciated by the family and person whose life you have saved !! 

    Maybe sometimes, some one close to you, or you yourself may need blood during an emergency. You can rest assured that you will get the same support from BLOOD DONERS as offered by you in your area and city!

    GOD always helps those who HELP others !!