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    3. How an Individual or a professional can get JOBS ? 

    Describe the type of job you want !! Show interest in the JOBS you are interested in.  Select the cities where you want a JOB. Before long, you will be called for an interview.

    There is a saying:  "One can lead the horse to the hay.....but the horse has to eat it on it's own"

    When it's your turn to face the interview, be prepared for it. Know before hand about the company you are going for an Interview. Learn your subject well. You should have some basic General Knowledge too. Do well in your interview and the job will be YOURS !!

    We invite Employers, Companies, Recruiters worldwide to REGISTER on www.websaye.com ! Tell us what sort of skilled people you need and our Executive-HR will get in touch with you !  Email us to spgandhi@websaye.com